AOS Release 2nd Streaming Track from “Of Woe and Wounds”

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE’s new track, “Whore’s Wings” was made available for streaming over at the Cruz Del Sur Music Bandcamp page. You can listen to the track here:

Excerpts from the press release (found here):

Apostle of Solitude today presents the second track off their forthcoming album “Of Woe And Wounds”, to be released by Cruz Del Sur Music on Oct 31 (Europe) and Nov 4 (USA).

Previously demoed on Bandcamp, Reverbnation and similar sites, “Whore’s Wings” has been completely re-recorded for the new album. The track shows a more dynamic and aggressive side of Apostle of Solitude’s sound, and together with the previously released track “Luna”, gives a better idea of what to expect from “Of Woe and Wounds”. Unlike many doom bands, Apostle of Solitude in fact prefers using a multifaceted approach which mixes their trademark granitic, oppressive sound with many other elements of traditional metal. In other words, you won’t just be doomed by Apostle of Solitude!