5 Questions of Doom with Doommantia.com

Very recent interview with Corey over at Doommantia.com. Read it and weep.

Apostle of Solitude (USA)
Corey Webb (drums)

1. First question is about current band’s state and future plans. Why not?
Apostle of Solitude are currently focused on writing for our third full-length album, which will be our first with this new lineup. We’ve got about 5 or 6 songs down, and are demo-ing a few of the tracks in preparation for the actual recording. We’ll probably shop that demo around to a handful of labels and also send to the studio engineer prior to heading there once we get a little closer to that point. The plan is to record sometime around late summer / early fall for a late 2012 release. We’ve got a handful of live shows to keep us busy in the meantime, but are trying to limit those so we can focus on writing and recording over the next few months. We’re playing a local show with Midnight, The Gates of Slumber, and Coffinworm tomorrow night. We’re doing another local show in June with Earthride and Blood Farmers, then of course the already legendary “Days of the Doomed II” fest up in Wisconsin, and then an all-ages local show with Rituals of the Oak (Australia), Haruspex, and Thor Axe later in June. So I guess you could say we are in a state of “putting in work” at the moment.

2. Next one is a bit more difficult: what was most important, cardinal event during band’s existence?
There are quite a few definitive milestones, so it’s difficult to label just one as the “most” important. I also very sincerely believe that “most important” event is yet to come. Thus far, and aside from our solidification of this new lineup, I’d say probably the release of our first record “Sincerest Misery”, and the relationship that developed out of that with Eyes Like Snow would be a good contender for “most important, cardinal event” in the band’s existence. That was a huge thing for us in a few different ways.
The timing of those events and everything surrounding that whole time of the band’s existence was really exciting and memorable for me. That deal with Eyes Like Snow got our first album distributed on an international scale and more or less broke us into the international and US scene at the same time. Everything about that was positive; Torsten at Eyes Like Snow is great. That whole deal was also a real confidence boost, for me anyway. Although I never for one second doubted that we were going to do exactly what we wanted to do how we wanted to do it, the fact is I was naïve at the time. But then the way everything came together around that first album release was really encouraging, and reinforced what confidence we already had I think. We put an insane amount of work into those songs and that album, and to see it all come together, and be 100% stoked on the songs, the mixing and mastering of the recording, the album artwork and layout, and to hold that LP in your hand finally and to hear those songs on your own stereo turned up all the way to 10 was really a golden feeling at that time. Plus, the reception that we got from that was so killer, so it was also cool that other people dug the hell out of it too haha. I guess Chuck had already been through some of that previously with the Gates of Slumber, but I would be negligent not to point out that for Brent, Justin, and I, that was our first “serious” band and experience with all that, so we all 4 shared in that enthusiasm and the sense of accomplishment that was associated with that album and really everything we did during that early period of the band. It seems like everything we’ve done since then becomes that next “cardinal event”, so I guess that’s a good thing. I think Chuck, Steve and Bob would agree. Progression and refinement are both necessary and good.

3. The third one is about doom-expectations of 2012 – about all of these doom-releases, events or even global “doom” situations.
Obviously the completion (and hopefully release) of the new album, and also the Days of the Doomed II fest this summer. I pre-ordered the new St. Vitus record, which should arrive in the next week or so I’m guessing. Really looking forward to that. Rush has a new album coming out this summer that I’m also looking forward to. I’m finally going to get to see Iron Maiden in my hometown with a few of my close friends. My way-back true to the bone best friend is coming out from Sand Diego this May to go to the Indianapolis 500-mile race with me. I guess I don’t have much really on the interesting front; it’s mostly on the real front. To be straight-up with you dude, I don’t have the luxury of being a hooded cloak doomsday fanatic like a lot of these guys so most of my expectations have to be positive out of NECESSITY, you know? I’ve got REAL WORLD problems and responsibilities, and bills to pay and kids to feed and all that happy shit, so personally I can’t subscribe to the whole “the sky is falling, doomsday is coming!” thing. I have zero time for that hippy bullshit because I have things that are happening right now. My job is stressful but I love it and my family is trying at times but I love them more than you can imagine. Everything I do is totally and sincerely gangster if you can feel what I’m saying. I know that sounds fake or poser or whatever in an interview like this, but rather than a choice or something to say to sound cool, it’s a survival skill based on reality. I’m ready for whatever, whenever, but in the meantime I’ve got more pressing things to tend to. My daily grind and what I’m trying to build out of my life and how I influence those around me take precedence over whatever star-gazer speculatory bullshit some of these other so called doom metal bands are yelling about these days. Are things generally worse off today than before? Sure, some things are. Do I think we’re all headed to hell in a handbasket and there’s no way to avoid it? Don’t be stupid. Every one of us has the power to contribute something positive to society in order to improve the world we live in. You can either sit around crying about the way things are, or you can put your pants on like a big boy (or girl) and make your future what you want it to be. To that end, I’m personally looking forward to another kickass year with my friends and family, taking pride in shaping my kids’ values and ethics and seeing them grow up to make me proud and humbled to even share in their life much less get to be their dad, becoming a better person to the extent that I can, and just generally developing a better, more mature relationship with those who are in my circle. My idea of success is most certainly not aligned with society’s idea of success. Life is short; the time you have to actually enjoy your life and do something positive with it is even shorter. Put that in your pipe and smoke it haha. J Not very “metal” or profound I know but that’s what’s really going on over here in this neck of the woods.

4. Next questions sound like “What is essence of doom for you? And what is most expressive and important symbol of doom would you name?” I guess that here we have a wide range of different opinions – let us see!
Doom metal is a soundtrack for the darker events in life. The times where you want to just give up and cash in your chips but you don’t because you can’t. Sorrow, ruin, grief, hopelessness, and despair. Musically it is heavy metal blues with lyrics based on real life events and scenarios. But underneath all of those negative feelings, the essence of doom lies in honesty, humanity, modesty, humbleness, and perseverance. Doom is not about Vikings and swords and dragons and fire raining from the sky or whatever; it’s about the human tragedy and overcoming whatever bullshit expectations society puts on you. It’s about recognizing (and in this case, expressing through music) the hand you’ve been dealt, and overcoming the obstacles that are holding you down. It’s about life on earth. It’s about YOU, man.
Most expressive and important symbol of doom? The Candlemass skull on a stick or maybe the St. Vitus “V” logo? What about a mother at the gas pump putting in a miserable dollar’s worth of gas so she can get her son to school on time? What about a divorcee who has to work a bullshit job 50 hours a week and then turn around and pay 80% of the income to child support so he or she can see their kids twice a month for the weekend? How about that dude begging for money outside the mall who can’t just “get a fucking job” because he’s both clinically depressed and schizophrenic and can’t afford his meds and truth be know is really just plain ass-out of hope or even a reason? Maybe the mother of three who just found out that her husband and two of their children were randomly killed in a suicide bomb planted by some religious extremist group? As she’s driving home and through the tears she’s seriously contemplating the specifics associated with eating the business end of a shotgun after swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills but the only thing in the world stopping her is the pain she knows that would cause her little girl who’s riding in the seat behind her. But you see, over all that is an overriding sense of perseverance and triumph; or that which SHALL be. That to me is why doom feels so damn good. It’s a sad story based on the human plight, but the overall ending has the potential to be positive. Love will always triumph over hatred, and good will always triumph over evil; whether you agree or think that sounds cool or not. That’s what you should remember about “doom”.

5. I suddenly have remembered one song of Iron Maiden’s as I was thinking about the 5th question. It’s unorthodox song, it’s name “Virus”… So last question for today is about modern social diseases which disturb our respondents more than other. It’s about politics, war, McDonalds, TV-zombabox and etc.
Hmm let’s see. Lives that are driven by a never-ending pursuit of money, wealth, and power. Intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, prejudice, and stereotyping. The mindless destruction of our natural resources for short-term gains, and the total disregard for how future generations will be affected by choices that you and I are making today. People who eat all the bullshit with a smile that the mainstream media feeds them without ever questioning its authenticity. People who have serious problems with the way someone else is living their damned life. You know, maybe instead of worrying so damn much about how your neighbor is living, maybe you should just get a job and take care of yours. Do something positive with your life, be a better partner, parent, friend, son, or daughter, contribute something to society, maybe even mow your yard haha. I think the comedian Katt Williams said something along those lines haha. For the most part though I’m a “live and let live” type of person. To each their own, you know; different strokes for different folks.
Listen, thanks Aleks. I’ve enjoyed answering these questions, and sincerely appreciate your interest in and support of Apostle of Solitude. Cheers to you and to Doommantia. Keep up the great work!

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