AOS Makes “Not to Miss” List on the

Thanks to H.P. Taskmaster from the Obelisk. Apostle of Solitude’s upcoming record “Of Woe and Wounds” makes the #2 slot on the Obelisk’s “30 Before ’15: Records Not to Miss Before the New Year Hits” list!

Here’s an excerpt:

These guys. I don’t mind telling you it was a thrill when Indianapolis doomers Apostle of Solitude were announced as having signed to Cruz del Sur to release their third album, Of Woe and Wounds, this fall. Their second outing, 2010’s Last Sunrise (review here), didn’t get the attention it deserved, but the handful of songs they’ve made public since have shown much promise, and as the first Apostle of Solitude full-length to feature guitarist/vocalist Steve Janiak (also Devil to Pay) in harmony with guitarist/vocalist Chuck Brown — the band is completed by bassist Dan Davidson and drummer Corey Webb — this is definitely going to make for a doomly autumn. Apostle of Solitude on Thee Facebooks, Cruz del Sur Music.”

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