AOS Release 2nd Streaming Track from “Of Woe and Wounds”

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE’s new track, “Whore’s Wings” was made available for streaming over at the Cruz Del Sur Music Bandcamp page. You can listen to the track here:

Excerpts from the press release (found here):

Apostle of Solitude today presents the second track off their forthcoming album “Of Woe And Wounds”, to be released by Cruz Del Sur Music on Oct 31 (Europe) and Nov 4 (USA).

Previously demoed on Bandcamp, Reverbnation and similar sites, “Whore’s Wings” has been completely re-recorded for the new album. The track shows a more dynamic and aggressive side of Apostle of Solitude’s sound, and together with the previously released track “Luna”, gives a better idea of what to expect from “Of Woe and Wounds”. Unlike many doom bands, Apostle of Solitude in fact prefers using a multifaceted approach which mixes their trademark granitic, oppressive sound with many other elements of traditional metal. In other words, you won’t just be doomed by Apostle of Solitude!

New AOS Album Art & Tracklist Revealed, Exclusive Streaming Track Up at Decibel

From the Cruz Del Sur press release:

“U.S. Doomsters APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE will release “Of Woe and Wounds” on November 4 in North America through Cruz Del Sur Music. Decibel Magazine is streaming album track “Luna” exclusively at this location.

With its oppressive and crunching sound, APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE’s “Of Woe and Wounds” will rank among the heaviest album of 2014. From the 7-minute opener “Blackest of Times” to the ending “Luna,” APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE deliver an incredible performance that gives full sense to the sometimes-abused term “DOOM”. Mastered by Tony Reed (producer of last SAINT VITUS’ album “Lillie: F-65”), this album confirms APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE as a versatile, multi-dimensional doom band that offers the most Sabbath-inspired sound around these days, blended with personal, oppressive yet dynamic atmospheres such as those found in “Push Mortal Coil” or “Whore’s Wings” (re-recorded hits from their 2012′s demo), or the long and haunting “Die Vicar Die”. The album also features the extraordinary work of talented Artist David Csicsely known for his illustrations of Mournful Congregation, Solitude Aeternus, Wheel, Flight of Sleipnir releases. DOOM has never been so HEAVY!
“Of Woe and Wounds” has a length of almost 60 minutes, with the following tracklist:

Distance and the Cold Heart
Blackest of Times
Whore’s Wings
Lamentations of a Broken Man
Die Vicar Die
Push Mortal Coil
This Mania
Distance and the Cold Heart (reprise)

Moreover the vinyl edition contains two live bonus tracks, “The Messenger” and “Sincerest Misery”.”


AOS Makes “Not to Miss” List on the

Thanks to H.P. Taskmaster from the Obelisk. Apostle of Solitude’s upcoming record “Of Woe and Wounds” makes the #2 slot on the Obelisk’s “30 Before ’15: Records Not to Miss Before the New Year Hits” list!

Here’s an excerpt:

These guys. I don’t mind telling you it was a thrill when Indianapolis doomers Apostle of Solitude were announced as having signed to Cruz del Sur to release their third album, Of Woe and Wounds, this fall. Their second outing, 2010’s Last Sunrise (review here), didn’t get the attention it deserved, but the handful of songs they’ve made public since have shown much promise, and as the first Apostle of Solitude full-length to feature guitarist/vocalist Steve Janiak (also Devil to Pay) in harmony with guitarist/vocalist Chuck Brown — the band is completed by bassist Dan Davidson and drummer Corey Webb — this is definitely going to make for a doomly autumn. Apostle of Solitude on Thee Facebooks, Cruz del Sur Music.”